About the MAC-- Who We Are

The Municipal Advisory Council of Michigan (MAC), a membership corporation, fosters efficient investment banking, underwriting, trading and sales as it relates to Michigan’s public finance credit and capital markets.  As a part of its duties, the MAC collects, records, and distributes information important to fundamental investor credit analysis, disclosure, and credit monitoring.

Maintaining data on more than 10,750 series of bonds and notes of Michigan’s municipal Issuers, the MAC is the primary single source for an Issuer’s direct, overlapping and indirect debt disclosures used in official statements.

The MAC acts as the go-to information and reporting portal within the Michigan municipal marketplace, and as an intermediary, providing valuable information to:  broker-dealers, banks, investors and analysts, rating agencies, bond attorneys, Michigan Department of Treasury, financial advisors and countless local government units within Southeast Michigan. 

The MAC’s Members include entities engaged in Michigan where municipal debt is issued by State of Michigan, its agencies, authorities and local units of government.

The Michigan MAC welcomes new members!


For joining criteria and information, click here:  Joining the MAC – Membership Criteria


Questions?     Please email: mac@macmi.com or call: 313-963-0420 and our professional staff will be happy to provide you with helpful assistance.