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The MAC WEB site provides you with current on-demand information in reports that are created based upon your request. Thus, you control the time it takes to make your report! The broader the coverage of your request, the longer it takes to gather, digest, and format the information. (The MAC Reports are the only exception to on-demand reporting. These are written once, then stored in the MAC system and made available to you upon request.)

The MAC uses high speed, reliable servers and connections to the Internet, but the link from the Internet to you also controls the perceived speed. The capabilities of your Internet Service Provider (ISP), the speed of your connection to the Internet, and the volume of Internet traffic all influence the speed of service to you.

For more help information:

Main Menu Help - an explanation of the member services index menu at the top.
New Site Enhancements - information on enhancements and changes to the MAC Site.
Feed Back Form - after you have had a chance to use the site, please use this form to give us your opinion of this new site.
Trusted Root Certificate - Information on how to set up the security certificate so as to get rid of of some of the security messages.
MAC Viewers - requirements for your PC to effectively view reports developed on this web site.
Test Your PC - series of pages to determine if your PC handles this site correctly.
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