Joining The MAC

Does your firm engage in underwriting, buying and selling or providing services for municipal debt issued by the State of Michigan or its agencies or political subdivisions?

If you answered, “Yes”, good news: you may become a MAC Member.

In fact, any entity engaged in the Michigan public finance credit and capital markets where municipal debt is issued by Michigan and its local units of government is eligible to join.

The Municipal Advisory Council of Michigan (MAC) fosters efficient investment banking, underwriting, trading and sales as it relates to Michigan’s public finance credit and capital markets.  As a part of its duties, the MAC collects, records, and distributes information important to fundamental investor credit analysis, disclosure, and credit monitoring.  Integrity of data is our top priority!


Did you know?  MAC membership offers you access to the most comprehensive information on every local unit of government in Michigan that has issued bonds and notes.  Representing more than 10,750 series of bonds and notes, the MAC is nationally recognized for its service to Members and reliability of data.


Our Board of Trustees has established an annual fee schedule and all purchasers of municipal debt issued in Michigan pay an activity fee per $1,000 bond at the time of the primary offering.  See MAC Fees.


Click New Member Application to join the MAC, today.

Questions?     Please email: or call: 313-963-0420 and our professional staff will be happy to provide you with helpful assistance.